About us

 Company Profile

 Biftu Adugna Business S.C is a company that has engaged in the export, import, and distribution of highly demanded products/services. It is registered under the Ethiopian Commercial code law with the number MT/AA/3/0000282/2003 and is based in Mexico, in front of Addis Ababa University, School of Commerce, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

 Our company has operated the business based upon its strong, long-standing foundation which gains trust and reliance from its own clients in terms of offering quality products, competitive price, timely deliverable, and excellent services. It has more than 20 years of experience in importing, exporting, and engaged in other  trade services. Besides, our company has focused on bringing highly required products from abroad to distributes all over Ethiopia particularly in Oromia regional state, Addis Ababa and others market areas.  Company’s best products and services have been regularly maintained through continuous learning from experience, training, and the development of skills and knowledge intensively provided with our staff to provide expected service for the utmost satisfaction of every client as per company’s guideline policies. Currently, our company has well-qualified and active professionals as well as workers who are employed on a permanent and contract basis. In addition, our company has offering rental building service for customers by owning Biftu Adugna Building (owns 12 stories multi-purpose building complex at center of Addis Ababa around Mexico square) and Dire Dawa mall. Currently,it has been doing well in both the domestic market and abroad. Besides, now they wish to expand their business by looking for possible new markets that range even further new investment opportunities with supporting advanced technology. Our company has mainly committed to serving the customers based on its need to achieve maximum satisfaction and bring success in sustainable business. We hope you find a great use for our website and looking forward to extending our services to you.

 Company Background

 Founded in 1994 with a capital outlay of 16,375,000 ETB, legalized with a total investment capital of Birr 114 million and now reached above one billion-birr total assets. The company was founded with five shareholders and holds a major share by Tumsa Endowment for the Development of Oromia. Each of them has been involved in several businesses and has excellent business experience. The company has stable long-time experience and market share in the country. It is governed and managed by a board and chaired by the highest decision-making body in the members. The board members lead the day-to-day administration and management of the company.
 Currently, the total annual income and thematic working area of the company’s intervention has been steadily growing; thus, our company has planned to closely work with foreigners who are willing to work with us as per universal business approach.  Due to higher growth rates will lead to a greater need for investments in fixed assets and working capital and therefore the more it needs to raise new capital.

 Organizational Structure

 Biftu Adugna Business S.C has its own organizational structure which was developed to solve existing problems and enhance the Company’s competitiveness. Accordingly, the company put in place its own new organizational structure in 2013 on the basis of which it has its own trustee body, board, general manager, department managers, directors, team leaders, senior experts, and other experts based on job operational requirements. The company’s GM is directly accountable to the Board and the organization has six department managers and one branch manager who carry out day-to-day activity with depending on line of function. The company has shown considerable growth from its establishment in different thematic working involvement areas and also opening branches to provide the expected service to customers about 26 branches.

Committed to engaging in export and import trading and providing other integrated services at a reasonable price, high quality, timely delivery, and nearby that excel customer’s satisfaction and creating a long-lasting profit of the Company by using modern technology and dynamic employees in partnering with prominent stakeholders.

 To be one of the exporting and importing leading business company’s in Ethiopia by the year 2019

  • Integrity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Learning Organization
  • Team Work and Collaboration
  • Competitiveness
  • Public trust
  • Value for money
  • Corporate citizenship