Fiscal printer EPSON TM-T810F KL

EPSON TM-T810F KL is extremely reliable, with quiet thermo-printing and automatic cutter that can be adjusted for full or partial cutting of the receipt. The fiscal device has a built-in tax terminal with GPRS module for connection to the NRA. EPSON TM-T810F KL is integrated successfully into transaction management systems for busy commercial sites. The compact size of the device allows its installation in sites with limited space.

The practical and stylish design makes the fiscal printer EPSON TM-T810F easy and convenient to use, yet very reliable. Guaranteed reliability of the fiscal printer is 15 000 000 printed rows reliability of the printer mechanism, and 1 500 000 cuts reliability of the automatic cutter.

  •   1722 record in fiscal memory
  • Prints 40 characters per row
  •  Prints up to 500 transactions in a receipt
  • Prints logo
  • Error alert
  • Dimensions: 140/199/146 mm
  • Capacity of journal - 2GB
  •  RS232 and USB interface
  • Cash drawer management
  • Connection to customer’s display
  • Alert when connected to GSM network
  • Technology for easy loading of the paper – "Drop in"
  • Consumable: thermal paper 79mm/57 mm/Ø83 or Ø65