Solar TV

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Large Home Power Station for solar TV with 3 lights

Model No # PEQSO20

Battery : 12.8 v18 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery

Light Intensity : 100 lumens per bulb

Solar Panel : 60w solar capacity , polycrystalline

Main Features :


  • Can support three wire bulbs lighting
  • USB for mobile charging
  • Battery checkers
  • 60w solar panel
  • Can be fully charged by solar panel with 5 hours
  • Mounting holes at the back

Wired bulb

  • Low /High model lighting
  • Built-in hook for bulb


  • 21.5’’ Display
  • USB/HDMI/AVIN/VGA/S-Video input available
  • PAL/SECAM/NTSCTV system available
  • Nice remote control
  • Decoder is included