G3 Solar Power Lantern

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Phone charger ,Radio &5w solar panel

Offer 120 lumens of light with a dedicated phone charging circuit

Charges one smart phone at a time

Model No # RNG3-5w

Battery: 3.7V ,3600mAh removable li-ion battery

Light intensity: 120 lumens

Solar Panel : 5w solar capacity ,polycrystalline

Light Time: 20 hours LED light from a full battery charge

Accessories: USB charging cable, DC charging trip and mobile charging tips


  1. Up to 20 hours of light from single charges
  2. High /low light mode
  3. Floor and ceiling hanging light feature
  4. Built in hanging hook
  5. Dedicated mobile phone charging circuit
  6. Will charge most smart phone
  7. Battery checker function
  8. Radio function included FM Radio ,built in speaker and headphone socket